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Graphic Design


Site Schemes promotes the World Wide Web as a communications and information portal. Its sites provide information that is entertaining and entertainment that is informing. Site Schemes believes that each website developed, no matter how small, adds another piece to the puzzle making the web what it will become in the future.

Site Schemes sees the web as more than an information super highway with scattered billboards. Site Schemes strives to make its sites user-friendly, interesting, and informative.

Magazines, brochures, advertisements, etc.

First impressions, whether through an print ad, brochure, business card, or online banner ad tell prospects what to expect from you in the future. Present a unified voice throughout your printed and online media. Get your message heard and be recognized!

Phase 1: Planning

The first step in Site Schemes' process is to discuss your goals and objectives. From there, a proposal is written that estimates the time and cost to produce a website, brochure, business cards, a logo, and ads that meets those goals and objectives.

Phase 2: Concept

Next, a concept design is prepared. Color schemes and a graphical theme is developed for your media. View the preliminary concept design for the Capon Valley Bank website.

Phase 3: Design & Development

After the concept has been approved, the design phase is completed by rendering digital art, taking photographs if needed, and scanning photographs or downloading photos from a digital camera.

Site Schemes prepares graphics for web presentation adding any special effects or enhancements and optimizing photos for premium viewing at the smallest file size. All html, javascripts, vbscripts, active server pages scripts, and Java programs are uploaded to the server.

Printed media is prepared using InDesign. Photographs are color corrected and enhanced for fantastic results in PhotoShop. Adobe Illustrator is used to composite maps or produce artwork. A final PDF file is delivered to you for final proofing. Site Schemes can work with your printer to ensure gratifying fulfillment!


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