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Internet authors have stated that "surfing the Net" does not accurately describe the actions one performs while engaging in web activities. "Clicking through the web" has been offered as more correct terminology . . .

Watching waves gently lap the beach is known world-wide as a source of relaxation. Beach goers find renewed energy after studying the enigmatic rhythms of waves pounding time-worn sands.

The constant pull of natural forces, undercurrents, are not dissimilar to the vast sea of knowledge, information, and entertainment found on the Internet. Both bodies, one of water and one of creative works, create conditions where minds find peace and relaxation. Minds at rest are pulled by natural forces of creativity into the wave of experience.

The world wide web contains the passions belonging to the souls of this planet. Thoughts and ideas peak foaming with wild new ventures. Each idea, technology, work of art, or thought creates the constant motion of this sea and becomes absorbed into it, re-creating itself. Allowing oneself to be caught up in the hypnotic transformations produces the ability to create anew.

Just as oceans support life, feeding millions and providing inhabitable environments, the Internet feeds millions of minds and provides an adaptable environment, a path to fulfill needs beyond food and shelter.

Should we view the Internet as simply a way to make money, we may create something we may not want to pass down to our children's children. Looking for wealth through a website may lead to disappointment, causing many businesses to close their eyes to a valuable opportunity.

Whether we choose to participate or not, we are creating a cultural environment. What that environment becomes depends upon what we put into it today. This is a world-wide project that could become an exciting source of information exchanges, high ideals, relaxation, ready access to interactive adventures and games, a meeting place, a sharing place, as well as a source of revenue and support systems for businesses.

It's just all about you. Each website contributes to the future of the Internet. Create your future; it will be here tomorrow. What do you want the Internet to become? Plan, design, then develop your contribution. Make it worthwhile.

Cheryl Brown
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