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The Golf Guide Magazine

The Golf Guide® is a glossy, full-color magazine published four times annually: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall and is distributed through golf courses, retail golf shops, driving ranges, hotels, golf shows, visitor and tourism centers, chambers of commerce and subscriptions at over 550 locations in VA, WV, MD, PA, NJ, NY, and as far north as Canada.

Site Schemes creates many of the original ads in addition to layout and design of the magazine. Click on images below for enlarged views of spreads and covers.

Cover Winter 2013 Cover Winter 2013 Cover Fall 2012 Cover Summer 2012
Cover Spring 2012 Cover Winter 2012 Table of Contents Fall 2011 Spread
Spread Spread Spread Spring 2013 Spread Winter 2013
Spread Fall 2012 Spread Summer 2012 Spread Spring 2012 Spread Winter 2012
Spread Winter 2012 Spread Winter 2012 Spread Fall 2011 Spread Fall 2011
Spread Summer 2011 Spread Summer 2011 Spread Spring 2011 Spread Winter 2011