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Hosting Services

Bare Bones

Clients using the Bare Bones Web Scheme use Site Schemes server as a data storage area, for personal websites, classified ad sites, or for small sites without their own domain name.

  • 5 mb disk storage
  • Domain name: www.siteschemes.com/yourname



Site Schemes provides virtual hosting packages through either Web.com or GoDaddy, two of the most reliable hosting services on the web. These third party providers offer 99.9% uptime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Server plans include:

  • from 100 mb to 9 gb hard disk storage
  • from 5 gb to unmetered monthly transfer
  • eMail accounts
  • Secure Socket Layers
  • server software to fill all your database and multimedia needs
  • shared or dedicated servers


Enhancements Site Schemes wants your site to be successful and will work with you to get your site listed as high as possible with each search engine. You have the option to enhance your hosting services. Ask about the possibilities.