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About Site Schemes

Site Schemes' mission is to help people reach their business, organization, and personal goals. Services offered use the Internet as a tool to get organized, gather information, and market products and services.

Site Schemes virtual assistant services focus on providing clients unique skills in graphic design, web development, managing and organizing information, and editorial services.

The primary feature of Site Schemes' services is that while performing routine tasks, Site Schemes focuses on building a relationship with clients. Site Schemes believes that the key to successful business ventures is in creating relationships that benefit everyone involved.

Site Schemes was founded in May 1998 as a service-oriented company that provides website design, development, and hosting. Since Site Schemes specializes in developing the World Wide Web as a valuable source of information and in providing personal service to clients, the company's services have evolved to include a much broader range of tasks to assist clients.

The company is owned by Cheryl Brown, who has experience as a graphic designer, ASP developer, and editor. During her twelve-year tenure with the National Park Service, Cheryl designed graphics for wayside exhibits and park service museums all over the country. Her understanding of developing schemes for interpretive exhibits, her editorial experience, her dedication to projects, and keeping pace with constantly changing computer technologies has earned her numerous awards.

Cheryl's experience brings a special perspective, perfectly suited to developing carefully planned, well designed web presentations that effectively communicate messages to a broad audience. Cheryl formed Site Schemes to enjoy the challenge website development creates and the opportunities to increase her design and programming skills.